Boulette de Mochiko 7,50 €

(Spécialité Japonaise- Gâteau de riz glutineux)

Soft round rice cake stuffed with sweet filling

Coupe Matsuba 6,50 €

(Glace vanille, Salade de fruits, chantilly)

Fresh fruit salad in syrup with 2  scoops of vanilla ice-cream

& whipped cream

Yukimi - Daifuku 6,00 €

(3 pièces)

Vanilla ice-cream wrapped in a thin layer of mochi (rice cake)

Profiterolles parfait vanille 6,50 €

Small round puffs with vanilla ice-cream filling & chocolate sauce topping

Coupe d’Ananas Frais 5,00 €

Fresh pineapple